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Avoid These Frequent Laundry Errors

Laundry may appear straightforward, yet several habitual errors can compromise both your clothes and washing machine. To ensure optimal laundry results, here are some frequent slip-ups to sidestep.

Overuse of Detergent

Using too much detergent doesn’t equate to cleaner clothes. Excess soap fails to rinse out thoroughly, particularly in hard water conditions can break your washing machine. Adjust the detergent amount based on your water’s hardness, as per the guidelines on your detergent bottle. Overusing detergent not only affects your laundry but can also damage your washing machine.

Mishandling Stains

Attempting to scrub stains before washing can worsen the situation, damaging the fabric and embedding the stain deeper. Instead, treat stains promptly by dabbing with a white cloth, and consider applying a bit of hand washing detergent before letting it sit for a few minutes.

Ignoring Care Labels

A top laundry mistake is overlooking washing instructions on garment labels. Your washing machine’s various settings correspond to these recommendations. Failing to follow these instructions, such as ignoring a “dry-clean only” tag, can damage your clothes. Also, certain fibers may shed in the wash, leading to a clogged lint trap.

Overloading the Washer

While filling the machine to the brim may seem efficient, it leads to detergent buildup and strains the washer. Overloading puts excessive pressure on the motor and other components. It’s better to separate your laundry into smaller loads.

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Handling Buttons and Zippers

Always unbutton garments and zip up zippers before washing. This prevents damage to both your clothing and the washer. Avoid washing delicate items with clothes that have zippers, as they can snag and damage the fabric.

Leveling the Washing Machine

An unleveled washer can harm both the machine and your floor. Even built-in shock absorbers deteriorate quickly if the washer isn’t level, potentially causing cracks in the machine’s exterior.

Neglecting Washer Maintenance

Regular cleaning of your washing machine is crucial. Run an empty cycle occasionally to clean the system, and keep the door and detergent tray open after use to prevent stagnant water odors.

Unplugging the Washer

It’s advisable to disconnect your washer when not in use. Power issues can lead to electrical faults, especially in washers with sensitive electronic systems. A voltage regulator can be a safeguard against power fluctuations.

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