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Common Issues With Dryers

The clothes dryer is a key appliance in your home, saving time and ensuring quick drying of laundry. However, like any appliance, dryers can develop faults. Here are some typical problems associated with a faulty dryer.

Dryer Won’t Start

If your dryer refuses to start despite pressing the correct buttons, check your power supply and plug first. If the issue isn’t with the electricity or the plug, it might be a simple issue like a blown fuse or a more complex electrical problem. Ensure the door is properly closed and the start button is fully pressed. If these checks don’t resolve the issue, it’s time to contact an expert in appliance repair.

Lack of Heat in Dryer

A dryer that doesn’t heat up won’t dry your clothes effectively. First, ensure the heat settings are correctly adjusted. Possible culprits include the heating element, thermal fuse, wiring, or igniter. While you might visually inspect the heating element, for a comprehensive diagnosis and repair, professional appliance repair services are recommended.

Drum Not Rotating

If the dryer drum isn’t turning, the fault may lie with the motor, belt, or other support parts. Even if these parts aren’t broken, wear and tear can affect performance. Diagnosing such issues is best left to professional appliance repair technicians to avoid further damage.

Excessive Noise from Dryer

A noisy dryer is a common problem. Buzzing sounds might indicate a seized motor, while vibrations or loud noises can signal worn drum supports. Continuous squeaking or a rubbing noise could point to worn bearings. It’s advisable to get these issues checked by an appliance repair professional before they worsen.

Wrinkled Clothes Post-Drying

To prevent wrinkles, remove clothes promptly after the drying cycle. Overloading the dryer or choosing the wrong cycle can also lead to wrinkling. Utilize the permanent press cycle for best results.

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