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Washer Repair

We offer washer repair services across the Greater Toronto Area. We have helped thousands of clients with minor and major issues with their washing machines. Our team has over 25 years of experience with various brands, makes and models including:

• Front loading Washers
• Top loading Washers
• Portable Washers
• Washer and Dryer Combo Units

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Why Choose iCare?

iCare Repair has extensive experience when it comes to our professional washer repair services. Our licensed and certified washer appliance technicians are standing by to assist you throughout the week. Excellent customer service, warranty, same-day repair, and best prices, along with many other benefits should be able to assist you in making the correct choice.


Fair Price

High-quality services at a fair price!

iCare has a team of professional and qualified technicians that offer washer repair services backed by a warranty on every service (including any parts that were replaced), at very reasonable prices. Before we get started, you will first receive advice on what is required for the repair, the costs for the repair, and any specific parts that need to be replaced.


Best Quality

Certified and Licensed Appliance Experts!

We are highly focused on providing each customer with dependable and quality appliance repair services. Our appliance repair technicians all have the necessary certificates and licenses to service all types of appliances. We strive to make sure that you will be completely satisfied with the way our licensed and qualified professionals repair washer appliances.


Convenient Time

You can take advantage of our services seven days a week.

iCare Repair provides washer installation and repair services seven days a week. You can call us or submit an online request to book a time that is most convenient for you. We also provide emergency appliance repair services.

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Why Hire I Care?

I Care is the leading provider of washer repair services in Toronto. We have been in business for over 20 years and have serviced over 1 million washers. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible and guarantee that your washer will be repaired within 24 hours. Here are a few reasons why you should hire us:

  • We are experts in washer repair. Our technicians are highly trained and have years of experience repairing all makes and models of washers.
  • I Care offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will do everything possible to satisfy you.
  • We only charge a reasonable fee. You can compare our rates with other service providers before hiring us.
  • Our technicians only the highest quality parts and materials, and all of our work is backed by a warranty.
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Common Issues With Washers

Three common issues people have with washing machines are: the machine won’t start, the machine is leaking, or the machine doesn’t finish a cycle properly (often accompanied by error code). If you have one of these problems, here are some tips to try before calling for help.

  • The machine won’t start – First, try unplugging the machine and then plugging it back in. Next, check to see that there is nothing blocking the door from closing. Make sure the door closes all the way. Sometimes these simple steps will work. If they don’t, call our team of experts for help.
  • The machine is leaking – Washing machines need to finish one cycle before starting another. Do not overfill the machine as it may cause leaking. Make sure the hoses that connect to the back of the machine are not broken and are attached correctly. If there is still leaking after following these suggestions, contact us. Sometimes all a washing machine needs is to be cleaned.
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Same-day service

I-Care is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. That’s why we offer same-day service for washer repairs. From checking the vents of your washers to inspecting all the parts thoroughly, we will do a satisfactory job ensuring that your washer starts working as it used to. We know how difficult it may be to dry your clothes, especially if you live in a cold place or when there is too much rain around. As a result, we always try to reach our client’s house quickly and start with the repairs as soon as possible. Since we provide same-day service, you can rest assured that the washer will work smoothly when we leave.

At I Care, we are always available to provide our electric washer repair services to all residents in Toronto and other suburbs. We understand that washers play a crucial role in many homes, and we want to ensure that your washer is always functioning correctly. Hence, we offer our services seven days a week. Whether you need repairs on Sunday, Monday, or any other day, we will be there to help. We know that your time is valuable, so we will always work to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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Contact Us For Washer Repair Services

We will send our specialist to your home, who will conduct a detailed diagnosis of your equipment, at a convenient time for you. Our specialist will perform the necessary repairs right in your home.

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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check the water hoses. They will need to be changed if you see bulging, cracking, fraying, or leaks.
  • Keep some space between your washer and any walls.
  • Make sure your washer is level.
  • Clean your washer from time to time.
  • Prevent mildew and bad odours.
  • Don’t overload your washer.
  • Always measure your detergent.

If the washer door won’t open at the end of the cycle, it is probably because the lock system is not working correctly. Most washers have a manual release that can be accessed from under the door lock, so you can try to open the door using that.

If your washer isn’t draining properly, it is because of a clogged hose or even a clogged pump. Items getting stuck in your washer’s pumps or hoses is pretty common.

The noise your washer makes usually happens because the pump belt is old. With regular use, the belt wears down and gets cracks. This makes noises during the cycle. A washer repair technician can replace the old pump with a new one.

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What Our Clients Say

Same-day Washer Repair Service In Toronto

With our experienced technicians and warranty on all of our work, you can be sure that you’re making the best decision by choosing us for all your washer repair needs. Call us at 647-370-2828 to book your appointment today.