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Fridge Door Doesn’t Close – What To Do?

Fridge Door Doesn't Close - What To DoFinding your refrigerator door slightly open in the morning can be more than just an inconvenience, especially if some of the food inside has gone bad and you start thinking about your electricity bill.

You don’t necessarily have to think about fridge repair immediately. There are some things that you can check and troubleshoot on your own, but if they don’t resolve the issues, it could be a deeper issue. 

Today, we’ll look at how to assess your fridge door conundrum and how you can troubleshoot things and resolve the most common problems, so let’s dive right in.

Initial Assessment

The first step is to understand why your fridge door won’t close. The most common issues include misalignment, obstruction, or a damaged seal. This will allow you to determine what to do next.

Inspect for Obstacles

Start with a visual check of the door. Sometimes, it can be as easy as heavy items stored in the door that might push it back open or something slightly too big or tall that prevents it from closing properly.

Check for Misalignment

Next, you should look at the alignment of the fridge door. A misaligned door might not seal properly, making it easier for the door to open just enough to cause problems. Check for gaps between the door and the refrigerator body, and ensure the door is level with the rest of the unit.

Troubleshooting Steps

Clean the Door Seal

One of the most common reasons a fridge door does not close is dirt, debris, or food particles stuck in the door seal. Simply clean the seal with a damp cloth and mild detergent and ensure it is dry completely before closing the door again. Another common culprit, as mentioned above, is a misaligned door. This can happen from frequent use, and most doors can be aligned up to a point. If in doubt, check the fridge manual for any specific instructions on how to maintain proper fridge door alignment.

Over time, the door gasket, which is the rubber seal around the edge of the door, can show signs of damage or wear. A damaged or worn-out gasket can compromise the seal and keep it from staying closed. An easy way to check for this is to put a banknote between the fridge’s body and the door. If it falls out on its own or can easily be pulled out, you’ll have to replace the gasket with a new one to repair the fridge door seal. Finally, an uneven floor or a poorly levelled fridge can also lead to a misaligned door. Use a level to check the balance, and if it’s not level, adjust the levelling feet or put shims under the fridge to ensure it’s all even.

Temporary Fixes

While you obviously want to find a permanent solution to the problem, there are a few temporary fixes you can put in place to at least keep your food from spoiling while you work on straightening out the bigger issues. You can use wedges or blocks to keep the door closed, or door latches or straps to achieve the same.

Long-Term Solutions

If the simple solutions above didn’t help address the problem, you’ll likely replace the damaged or worn-out parts, whether it’s the door seal, hinges or maybe even the entire door. Just ensure that all parts are fully compatible with your fridge model, or you’ll run the risk of other issues popping up. If you’re unsure or the repairs are more complex than you’re comfortable performing yourself, call the experienced iCare Appliance Repair professionals; we are specialists in diagnosing and fixing refrigerator door issues promptly and efficiently.

Preventative Measures

Properly organizing the contents of your fridge can make a big difference and prevent items from obstructing the door. Avoid overloading the shelves and ensure that nothing is sticking out. Also, let all household members know how important it is to close the fridge door completely and what can happen if they don’t. Finally, regularly clean and check the gasket and door to ensure it’ll close properly. This will allow you to spot wear and tear or damage early on and address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.


A fridge door that refuses to stay closed is more than just an inconvenience. It can also lead to food going bad and your fridge having to work overtime to keep things cooled down, which will then show on your electricity bill. If the tips above don’t fix the issue, there could be something bigger at play, and that’s where iCare Appliance Repair comes in to help with your fridge door sealing problems.

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