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Fridge Door Doesn’t Close – What To Do?

Finding your refrigerator door slightly open in the morning can be frustrating, leading to spoiled food and increased electricity bills. Before seeking fridge repair in Toronto, consider some common causes for a door that won’t close properly. These include an overly weighted door, an unlevel fridge, or misaligned hinges. These are generally easy to fix. However, if these aren’t the issues, the problem might lie with the door seal.

Inspecting the Door Seal

The seal or gasket of your fridge door is crucial for keeping the cold air in and preventing the door from opening unexpectedly. Check if the gasket has loosened and needs repositioning. While the door is closed, run your hand along the frame to feel for escaping air, and adjust the seal as needed.

Cleaning the Gasket

Dirt accumulation on the seal might be preventing the door from closing. Clean it using a soft cloth and warm soapy water, making sure to reach inside the folds. After cleaning, dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth.

Replacing the Gasket

If the gasket is visibly damaged or has lost its flexibility, it’s time for a replacement. Locate your fridge’s brand and model number, usually on the back, and order a new gasket from the manufacturer’s website or a local fridge repair shop in Toronto.

Installing a New Seal

Soften the new gasket in warm water for easier installation. Remove the old gasket by unscrewing it from the top edge and pulling it off. Install the new gasket in reverse order. After installation, check for drafts by closing the door. If there are gaps, use a blow dryer to gently mold the gasket into place.


A fridge door that won’t stay closed is typically due to a compromised gasket. If the problem persists after trying these solutions, it might indicate a more significant issue requiring professional fridge repair in Toronto. Addressing this problem promptly is important to prevent food spoilage and reduce energy costs.

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