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Navigate Common Issues With Your Oven & Stove

Ovens and stoves are complex appliances with multiple parts, and when one fails, it can render your appliance almost non-functional. But don’t rush to replace your oven or stove yet! Most problems are cost-effectively and quickly repairable by professional services. Here are some usual troubles you might face and their likely causes.

Unsteady Oven Temperatures

For successful baking or roasting, maintaining a consistent oven temperature is essential. If your food is undercooked or burnt, the thermostat or a related component might be faulty. Replacing this part should resolve the issue.

Oven Door Issues

A poorly fitting oven door can lead to heat loss, affecting your cooking. This might be due to a distorted door or loose screws. Although minor, this issue can worsen over time and usually requires a new seal for heat retention.

Inadequate Cooking

If your oven isn’t cooking food evenly or thoroughly, the issue may lie with the oven’s heating element. This part requires professional assessment and replacement.

Electric Stove Heating Problems

Should one or more burners on your electric stove fail to warm correctly, they might be faulty. Electrical issues or wear and tear can cause this, as can power surges. It’s best to have a technician diagnose and fix these problems.

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Heat Adjustment Difficulties on Electric Stoves

Difficulty in adjusting the heat on your stove can make cooking challenging. Issues with the burners or the infinite switch, which connects to the control dial, may be to blame. It’s advisable to seek professional help for these repairs.

Gas Stove Ignition Troubles

A gas stove that doesn’t ignite could indicate an empty gas supply. Ensure safety first by ventilating the area and turning off lights before troubleshooting. If there’s a gas flow but no ignition, it might be the ignition switch. For any gas-related issues, it’s safest to call in professionals.

These common problems can be frustrating, but they’re often fixable. While DIY repairs might be tempting, they require specific expertise, tools, and parts. For reliable and safe repairs, reach out to iCare Appliance Repair the next time your oven or stove acts up.

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