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Understanding The F3 Error Code On Your GE Oven

The appearance of an F3 error code on your GE oven signifies a problem with the oven temperature sensor. The issue may stem from several components, including the wire harness, the control board, or the sensor itself.

Identifying the Issue

To pinpoint the source of the error, approach the diagnosis methodically. Utilize an ohmmeter to check the resistance of the temperature sensor. Additionally, inspect the wire harness and control board for potential issues or loose connections. Accurate diagnosis requires familiarity with the appliance’s complex systems and appropriate tools. Incorrect diagnostic methods can exacerbate the problem.

Resolving the Fault

The issue may range from a simple loose connection to the need for part replacement. Once the cause is identified, professional technician intervention is recommended for replacing or repairing the part. DIY attempts can lead to further damage, resulting in increased repair time and costs.

Warranty Considerations

If your GE oven is under warranty, contact the manufacturer to address the issue. For out-of-warranty appliances, seek assistance from a credible local appliance repair technician. Ensure that the technician offers a guarantee for their service.

Dealing with Multiple Error Codes

Occasionally, the oven may alternate between displaying F2 and F3 error codes, which also indicates a temperature sensor issue. The resolution steps remain similar to those for the F3 error.

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